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CaptainJack tells Melee's early time and his revenge

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About this blog and me, CaptainJack

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Memorial pictutre with Armada (@ArmadaUGS) at Eclipse2 in November 2016, Oslo, Norway


Eh Yo, CaptainJack! Hey everyone, this is CaptainJack (@CaptainJackSSB4) here!

I decided to create a blog in English so please have a look! Thank you very much for visiting :)




Memorial picture with Isai, while my first visit to the US in August 2004, at the lake near Isai's house in San Jose


Please let me introduce myself briefly for those who don't know me!

I'm CaptainJack, an old school Japanese Melee player, active from January 21st 1999 to February 2008. I used to be based mainly in Japan during the time, except around 2006 where I have been based in Europe by staying in France for study. 

I used to be #1 player in Japan (there was no ranking actually, but let me say so according to the results of severe "Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 1, 2, 3" series that I won 1st place 3 years in a row). 

One day, I received an email to take part in the US tournament, TG6. Remembering from nowadays, that was definitely a Smash-life changing event. Since the participation to this tournament where I finished 2nd after Azen, I traveled a lot to the US, Australia, France, Netherlands and Sweden respectively from 2004-2008, and obtained quite notable results consistently including Japan national tournaments. By these results, I'm honored that people still call me a "legend" even after my retirement long time ago. 

Retirement? Yes, I retired once I started to be a salary man in April 2008. People ask me sometimes why I retired, so the answer is "I retired to obtain financial and time freedom to be able to play Smash Bros without any stress by living". The reason was not negative at all, I have been always loving this game and its community. I just wanted to win at the game of life first. However, I started my business and was a victim of a con man who made me own a huge debt in 2011 that disturbed my comeback including my entire life so badly.


Since then, after numerous life events such as marriage with a lovely Finnish girl in June 2015, I decided and announced a comeback to the Smash scene in early 2016. And 8 months, I have moved to Finland totally unexpectedly. 

And now, I'm committed to my beloved Smash, to make it my work for life. 



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About this blog

The aim of this blog is introducing old school World Smash community "seen by CaptainJack" to as much Smash players as possible, by profiting of my own experience being the only person who played at and observed every 4 active region in the world, such as Japan, USA, Australia and Europe, from 1999 to 2008.

As someone who made a comeback after 8-year-long retirement (I played Melee only around 15 days in total during this period), the growth of recent Smash community was an incredible news. Because, I will talk about it in an article in the future though, I have been dreaming to be a professional player and live by Smash. Yes, just dreamed a dream, like sings original CaptainJack. No one imagined a pro Smash player could be born in my era. But now, it is a reality. 

So as the community grows, I began to realize that new comers might not know about the history of World Smash community, which led the community as it is today.

Of course there is the famous Smash Documentary, indeed, which greatly contributed to the "rivival of Melee". The documentary is absolutely fantastic, but it is made from a viewpoint of America and talks not much about other regions despite of their important role to the scene. So, an idea occurred to me to add some extra aspect from my experience as a Japanese pioneer. 


Go watch it if you have never seen it before, it's just awesom. There are 9 episodes, don't miss them all!


Contents of this blog

Amsah, one of my loveliest friend of all time


Before starting to write whatever, I decided to make a contents table and I already have more than 50 article titles. And there will be many pictures from old days for sure :)

So, roughly, the contents of this blog will be categorized in;


  1. Old school Japanese community in 1999-2007
  2. Old school American community in 2004-2006
  3. Old school Australian community in 2005
  4. Old school European community in 2005-2008
  5. Recent Japanese Smash community
  6. Recent World Smash community
  7. Introduction of notable players from old school community
  8. The Captain's Revenge, my comeback to the top player again
  9. Melee strategies, MUs, analysis, daily practice, stream etc
  10. Diverse episodes, topics, opinion about Smash overall


Lastly, I'd like you to know also that what I'm going to tell might be weird for someone, even wrong sometimes. For example, I will be talking about controversial topics such as Power Rankings of old World Smash community. Everything on my blog will be coming from my own experience or opinion, so please do not get mad, please be nice. :)

Generally speaking, there is only a few Japanese players who can manage with English more or less, even fewer among top players. It is because of Japanese worst education of English language, but as a result Japan has been somehow isolated in the World Smash community because of the language barrier. So, even though I still have a difficulty too, I'd like to profit of being capable of communicating in English thanks to Smash experience, and I hope that this blog would be favorably received and kind of valuable, by introducing something new to the community.

I will make a notice on Twitter every time I post, so please follow me and don't miss my latest entries! I appreciate your support, thank you very much to you all <3


*As English is a foreign language for me, errors such as spelling and expressions cannot be avoided. If you are willing to, I appreciate your correction via email or DM on Twitter :)


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