Jack Garden, Super Smash Bros. Melee's History

CaptainJack tells Melee's early time and his revenge

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Contract of CC ESports and the owner's fake livestream (the owner arrested as of January 6 2017)

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*Edit: the owner "Carter Schwenk" was arrested by Gresham Police Department. Bail $5,000. 


Eh Yo, CaptainJack! Hey everyone, this is CaptainJack (@CaptainJackSSB4) here! 

This is a next article of Be aware of new e-Sports teams. Real case of CaptainJack and "CC ESports". As I found CC ESports quite malicious, I decided to publish his face and contract in this article. Please be aware of suspicious teams, because it can happen to you too.



His fake livestream

He announced Mang0 will join his team soon. And he's pretending talking with him by creating his fake account. Mang0's real account is @C9Mang0.






The copy of CC ESports' contract


“Captain Jack” Smash Bros Player Contract

Version 1.0

Date: January 4, 2016


The following contract serves to prove that CaptainJack is under contract for the e-Sports team, “CC e-Sports”. Owned by Carter Schwenk. CaptainJack is entitled to a variety of things, including; monetary compensation, streaming equipment, assistance with travel/tournament fees and other related expenses.


Part 1 “The Plan”


CaptainJack is to play Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Smash Bros Wii U competitively for CC e-Sports. CC e-Sports is to offer help including but not limited to the following; help with tournament fees, travel fees, controller & game related expenses, streaming equipment, CC e-Sports gear. In exchange, CC e-Sports would like to take 15% of CaptainJack tournament winnings. For example, If CaptainJack finished 8th and won $100 dollars, I would expect $15 as the sponsor.


Initial Here if you agree to Part 1 ________


Part 2 “The Gameplay”


CaptainJack is to main “Sheik” in SSBM and agrees to pick up a secondary such as Marth for certain match ups. DK is also a possiblity.


CaptainJack is to main “Cloud” in SSB4 and use “Sheik” as a secondary.


The priority for CaptainJack is SSBM but he’s eligible to play any other smash game as he pleases.


Initial Here if you agree to Part 2 ____________


Part 3 “CaptainJack responsibilties”


He will be head of the SSBM team for the duration of his contract. He will also temporarily be in charge of SSB4 until a more suitable Smash 4 player gets sponsored.

He is to train as much as he can and assist other players that play for CC e-Sports. He is also required to stream regularly on twitch.tv and occasionally needs to post YouTube content.


Initial Here if you agree to Part 3 ___________


Part 4 “The Pay”


Upon reaching agreement on this contract, CC e-Sports has the right to 15% of CaptainJacks tournament winnings.


When CaptainJack streams on twitch.tv, CC e-Sports  entitled to 25 cents per every sub he receives. If he accepts donations, CC e-Sports is entitled to 5 percent of all donations with another 5 percent going to charity.


If CaptainJack posts a YouTube to either his personal channel or the CC e-Sports Youtube channel, CC e-Sports is entitled to 20% of the ad revenue generated.


Initial Here if you agree to Part 4 _______________


Part 5 “Incentives”

If CaptainJack places in the Top 8 of any tournament he’s eligible for a bonus of 20% on his earnings. Example if he places 8th and earns $100, he would get an additional $20. Winnings ($100) multiplied by a bonus percent (20%)


If CaptainJack places in the Top 3 of any tournament, he’s eligible for a bonus of 60% on his earnings. Same equation as above.


If CaptainJack wins any tournament, his winnings are eligible to be doubled.


Certain restrictions may apply, specifically for tournaments with a huge prize pool that would be difficult to match. In this scenario CC e-Sports would have the right to withhold a bonus but would be required to find another bonus for CaptainJack.


If CaptainJack beats any god he will get a $50 bonus. Could increase depending on the event and the player beaten.


Initial Here if you agree to Part 5 _____________


Part 6 “Gear”


CaptainJack would be required to wear his own custom CC e-Sports jersey when competing. This will include the player name on the back.


CaptainJacks wife would also be eligible for a jersey to wear when attending events.


Initial Here if you agree to Part 6 ____________


Part 7 “Family”


CaptainJack is eligible to have his wife support at any and all events. CC e-Sports is willing to help her expenses when attending tournaments roughly one out of every two or three times. She would need to wear CC e-Sports gear.


CaptainJack is eligible to live where he wants, however he is invited to the CC e-Sports home where he can practice, stream, and study smash bros.


Initial Here if you agree to Part 7 __________


Part 8 “Termination”


CaptainJack is subject to termination if he fails to consistently do what he agreed to do above.


If he experiences severe injury and is forced to retire


If his performance is less than ideal


If he doesn’t comply with rules; such as wearing jersey, refusing to pay the team, starting fights with other players


Initial Here if you agree to Part 8 ___________________

Part 9 “Final Offer”


CaptainJack is to be signed to a 2 year deal with a Team Option for a Year 3 with satisfactory performance


Upon signing, CaptainJack will receive his official custom team jersey in the colors of Aqua Blue and Electric Yellow. His wife will receive her custom jersey to wear to show support at events.


As a signing bonus, he will receive $50 and a black 32 Gigabyte Wii U with Smash 4 and all DLC.


Upon completion of an interview with a melee personality of his choice, He will receive paid tickets to San Jose California for him and possibly is wife.


Once arrived in San Jose safely, he will be prompted to physically sign the contract. Once signed it will be announced during Genesis 4 and a promo video featuring him will be shown on stream and in the venue.


Once this is complete, CaptainJack is eligible to own 5% percent of the website http://CartersCreation.us


He is also eligible to own 10% of the e Sports team he plays for CC e-Sports.


As part-owner of the website and CC e-Sports CaptainJack will earn money from both the website and CC e-Sports as long as both are profitable. This will happen monthly.


If CaptainJack appears on another smashers stream he will rewarded $1 for every sub he recruits back to our personal twitch.tv


If CaptainJack needs to take a break he is eligible to take one at anytime.


He’s eligible for 2 weeks vacation (unpaid) but will still receive his usually benefits.


CaptainJack is eligible for bonuses for certain milestones, such as tournament wins, reaching a certain amount of followers on social media etc.


If CaptainJack signs below, it means he agrees to all of the following conditions and is officially the first member of CC e Sports. This contract cannot be voided until 2 years after the signing date. This offer is good until January 22, 2016. If you don’t sign by then we will be forced to look elsewhere. By signing below you’re giving permission to CC e Sports below to use your likeness in promotional material and the ability to use “CaptainJack” under their various dealings.

Full name here if you agree to let us use your likeness___________________________

Initial Here if you agree to Parts 1-9 ________________

Sign Full Name Here- _______________________________________


Date Here



Please be aware!

Please be aware of CC ESports and any other illegitimate teams. I hope these articles help you to avoid from a scammer on the Internet. 


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