Jack Garden, Super Smash Bros. Melee's History

CaptainJack tells Melee's early time and his revenge

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A Happy New Year, and Glory to Smash in 2017 too!

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Picture from EVO2016, Melee


Eh Yo, CaptainJack! Hey everyone, Happy new year! this is CaptainJack (@CaptainJackSSB4) here :) 2016 also, a year has flied as an arrow. How was your new year?

Anyway, I wish a happy new year to everyone in the Smash community.

For me, this year will be a year of "comeback"!


I'm thankful about people's reaction

I just started this blog very recently, but I appreciate many people visited it and even gave me a very favorable comments about my attemp. 


Let me note some guys contacted me. 




Much more articles will come out little by little 

I already have more than 80 article titles in EXCEL. Please look forward to reading them soon :) 


Melee scene will certainly grow 2017 too

I'm sure more and more people enter in Melee scene anew in this year too, and competition will be harder than never before. I do hope I will be a member of them to boost the entire Smash community!


So, my personal goals of 2017 are..

Firstly, becoming a world champion of Melee. More concretely, winning a US/EU major at least once, and EVO JAPAN in January 2018.

Secondly, creating an environment with allows me to live by Smash. Such as a monthly salary from sponsor, income through Twitch, Cash prize etc. Because living by Smash has always been my dream (that I even could imagine I would be a reality). 

I'm so excited what my 2017 will look like at the end!


See you again in tournaments guys!



Picture from Eclipse 2