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Top 40 Japanese Melee players before Brawl (2001-2008) | "Warriors" 31st -40th

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Eh Yo, CaptainJack! Hey everyone, this is CaptainJack (@CaptainJackSSB4) here! 

Starting from today, I'm happy to introduce "Top 40 Japanese Melee players before Brawl (2001-2008)". I classified 40 players in 5 tiers such as  "1st-5th (Gods)", "6th-13th (Demigods)", "14th-20th (Kings)", "21st-30th (Dukes)" and "31st-40th (Warriors)" respectively.

As everywhere in the world, numerous players appeared and disappeared in the Japense Smash community. Some are still internationally well-known nowdays, but there are also some who are not known even by old school Japanese players anymore. Therefore, I had an idea to note all top 40 old Japanese players before Brawl came out, in order to record the Japanese community's history.

I'm going to talk about them from 31st-40th, but please just know that aMSa, Rudolph, Gucchi, Flash, Shippu, Tapioka, Nanashi, MARS, K.F., Sobameshi, watch, Da-yoshi, Sanne etc are new faces so not included in this list.

Ok, so let's go!


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Tournament references

Before starting, I'd like to introduce the following 7 tournaments which I referred to make this list.;


  1. "Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 234(スマブラ全国連合オフ会)" in March 2002, 2003 and 2005 *1
  2. "Jack Garden Tournament" in August 2005
  3. "Ketsubato 1, 2(ケツバト)" in 2006-2007 *2
  4. "Karisuma(カリスマ)" in 2007 *3


*1 Remarkable round-robin series held 4 times in 5 years almost in a row, with 64 maximum participants. 1st season was played in Smash 64.

*2 (West Japan) Kansai Ranking Battle. To see the results of each 14 tournaments, go to the link and click "ダウンロード" to download them.

*3 Central Japan Ranking Battle. For results of each 7 tournament, click here (archive) and go to the link including "kekka".

*No results of East Japan Ranking Battle nor Super Smash Opera in Tokyo were referred to make this list as they are missing, but I've taken them in consideration from what my friends and I remember.


Picture from Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3 in March 2003


The top 40 Japanese Melee players before Brawl (2001-2008) | "Warriors" 31st -40th

I'm going to introduce 10 players ranked in 31st - 40th, in alphabetic order for each 5 tiers. Please note that the order in each tier is just alphabetic and doesn't have any meanings. And please understand if comments on certain players are relatively shorter, it is because I haven't played them much in tournaments nor in friendlies because of different regions, timing of tournament participation etc.

So, let's start to talk about the 40 most notable Japanese players of early time!



f:id:captainjacksan:20170108085916j:plainRight one. With Masashi, Aniki, and his brother Bombsoldier.


Notable placings: 13th Jack Garden Tournament, 33rd OC3 (SmashWiki)
Character: Marth
Region: Tokyo (East Japan)
Twitter: N/A


Bombsoldier has a brother who is also a smasher. Yes. DISK, as you could imagine from their appearance on the above picture, he is an elder brother of Bombsoldier.

Despite his good main Marth, he was not physically strong and not very active at competing in tournaments. However, I highly evaluate 13th place in Jack Garden Tournament among 96 participants and it is sufficient result to be ranked in top 40.

Although I heard he was a decent Marth, that was a shame we could have much opportunity to play each other because of different regions and his rare tournament participation. 




Picture from Ketsubato 9th (From left, Farce, Machdash, Masashi and CaptainJack)


Notable placings: 13th Jack Garden Tournament, 11th Ketsubato 1, 10th Ketsubato 2
Character: Marth, Doctor Mario
Region: Osaka (West Japan)
Twitter: N/A


Farce, is a Marth main, switched from his former main Doctor Mario. Although his appearance into the competitive Smash community was relatively late, he became quite a good player little by litle.

Fun fact, he was already known before his debut in the competitive scene as a little brother of Hyoga, who was the owner of Smabrer's Garden, which greatly contributed to the community's growth. (What did the old school Japanese Smash 64 community look like?) When I came to Hyoga's place, Farce was always there, so unlike others he was not new to me since his first showing to the community.




Picture from NINTENDO SPACEWORLD '99, Nintendo official Pokemon tournament in 1999


Notable placings: unknown or unrecorded
Character: Yoshi
Region: Tokyo (East Japan)
Twitter: N/A


Fumi was/is very famous for his main character, internationally known as a pioneer of technical Yoshi. I heard he inspired aMSa too.

However, as he was not very active in competition, his tournament appearance was very limited. I found some videos below, but in my opinion, they seem to be friendlies, not matches in any tournament.




Picture at Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3 in 2003. Top right.


Notable placings: 4th Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 4, 27th Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3
Character: Doctor Mario
Region: Niigata (Northlands Japan) 


Kentarosu was a Niigata-based Doc main. He is playing Smsah 4 now and still active in the Smash scene. Some of you might have heard of him, because he was one of the Japanese players who went to the American tournaments in 2016. 

He has been also well-known about his funny and unique character. I heard the Japanese players appreciated the way he cheered them in the American tournament. Overall, he is not only good enough to be one of the top 40 players, but also one of the most beloved players in the Japanese community.




Picture from Ketsubato 11th (From left, Kokutou, CaptainJack, Masashi and hiko)


Notable placings: 19th Ketsubato 1, 11th Ketsubato 2
Character: Sheik
Region: West Japan
Twitter: @Kokutou0331


Kokutou, was a Sheik main. He struggled to make it to the top 4 in Ketsubato ranking battle, but finally made it to get 4th place in Ketsubato 11th during its 2nd season. He kept playing Melee after Brawl's release, so it's fortunate the videos like vs Flash are recorded and available even now.


(Kokutou is Red in the bottom video) 


Kounotori (Kou)

Picture from EVO2016レポート by s-royal | オフレポ | スマブラDX 対戦攻略指南


Picture from 第1回スマブラDXバトルロード結果


Notable placings: 10th Ketsubato 1, 9th Ketsubato 2, 1st Melee Battle Road 1, 33rd EVO 2016 etc. (SmashWiki)
Character: Falco, Fox
Region: Osaka (West Japan)
Twitter: @Kounotori_ssbm


Kounotori (Kou), is a Falco main, with Fox as a secondary.

As a player, unlike his current status of one of the Japanese community leaders nowadays, he was just one of the good players back to early days.

His first tournament apparition was in March 2005, in a tournament held by Cho in Osaka. He trained hard since then, and got 10th at Ketsubato 1 in 2006, 9th Ketsubato 2 in 2007 respectively. And now, he has grown one of the most important veterans who still play passionately. He also made an apparition at EVO 2016 (you can read his diary here) and made a commentary in Japanese in the GFs together with s-royal, which had a great success. 

As a contributor, after the retirement of the four most dominant players after Brawl came out, he gradually became one of the community leaders of Japanese Melee scene ("The Japanese Four Gods").

Firstly, he created a website (スマブラDX 対戦攻略指南) about tournament, techniques, data etc for competitive Smash Bros Melee players. Secondly, he is also holding a monthly regional in Osaka, which is MasterHand.

For his contribution to the community, I'd like to create another article to talk about it further. 




Picture at Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3 in 2003.


Notable placings: 14th Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3, 8th Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 4
Character: Sheik
Region: Kanto -> Okinawa (Extreme south)
Twitter: @indyp234


Nago was an old school Sheik main. He was in a retirement for 10 years according to his Twitter, but recently made a comeback after moving to Okinawa for work. Given the results from the below videos, he is still doing not bad after his long break. Despite his Sheik's slow movement which is characteristic for old school comebackers, I expect him to take much better placings and to dominate his region in the future.





Picture at Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3 in 2003 (top), at a certain tournament (bottom).


Notable placings: 26th Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3, 9th Jack Garden Tournament (SmashWiki)
Character: Ness -> Sheik
Region: Tokyo (East Japan) 
Twitter: N/A


Shino was a Sheik main after swtiching from his favorite character Ness.

His 9th placing in Jack Garden Tournament definately deserved praise, but I think he is much better known in the community for a Sheik ledge technique "Shino Stall". This is one of the Sheik's most important techniques, which you can especially see in M2K's videos.

But fun fact, despite his name used for his main character's technique, Shino Stall is just called "Gake-fushin" (崖浮身, which literally means "ledge vanish") in Japan. Not only no one uses that term, but no one even knows that technique's English name in his mother country. 

He was also in retirement until recently, but just made a comeback and showed up in Battle GateWay (in English) that aMSa and staff run monthly in Tokyo. As an old friend, I want to observe how he will be doing in the days ahead.


Shino Stall

This technique allows the player to repeatedly grab the edge with Vanish.

  • Use Vanish and grab the edge
  • Ledgehop and aim grab the edge with Vanish
  • Repeat as necessary 

(SmashWiki: Shino)





Picture from, 関西スマブラ祭 (top, top middle), picture from 第0回ケツバトDX結果 (bottom, top middle)


Notable placings: 18th Ketsubato 1, 15th Ketsubato 2, 4th Ketsubato DX 0th
Character: Fox
Region: Osaka (West Japan)
Twitter: @bs_ssbm


Souten, was a Fox main, and is still active as a great Fox main in the Japanese community. Although his placings were ok until 2007, he started to raise after Brawl's release in 2008. 

He was Rudolph's teammate until December 2016. Both of them greatly contributed to the community in West Japan, by providing a very active Smash house which welcomed any Smashers. 




Picture from EVO2016レポート by s-royal | オフレポ | スマブラDX 対戦攻略指南


Picture at Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3 in 2003.


Notable placings: 3rd Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 4, 16th Ketsubato 1, 13th Ketsubato 2
Character: Doctor Mario -> Fox
Region: Osaka (West Japan) 
Twitter: @SroyaltakutoT@SRoyalssbmEng (English)


s-royal, was/is a very passionate Fox main. He was a Doctor Mario player for a long time, but one day he switched to Fox to pursue better placings in the future.

He lived in Osaka and came to Kyoto everyday for his study. As I lived in Kyoto, we enjoyed playing Smash and hanging out together. We were quite good friends. 

When it comes to his passion on Smash, he has an anecdote: he brought a CRT and GameCube from Japan to America to practice in the hotel, as well as rice cooker to keep habitual food life to maintain his condition. 

As a result, even though he was just one of the good players back then, now he has been improved to make his way to the GFs against Rudolph in MasterHand, monthly regional in Osaka at the end of 2016.

In addition, he was/is also loved by his serious and unique character.

Overall, he is one of the most potent veterans in my opinion. I really hope to see him in higher competition in upcoming tournaments this year.


You can read his diary about EVO 2016 here: EVO2016レポート by s-royal | オフレポ | スマブラDX 対戦攻略指南 (in Japanese)


f:id:captainjacksan:20170116025019j:plainA CRT, GameCube, and rice cooker to bring to the United States.




Were there any players you knew? I really had fun introducing the ancient Warriors - DISK, Farce, Fumi, Kentarosu, Kokutou, Kounotori (Kou), Nago, Shino, Souten, and s-royal. Of course there are some other players who could have possibly been in top 40. It was fun to rank them, but also a really tough job.

In the next article, I'm going to introduce the top 21st - 30th players, the "Dukes". Be sure to follow my Twitter and stay tuned. Don't miss it! 


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Group photo taken after Jack Garden Tournament in August 200t, Kyoto, Yakiniku house.