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Top 40 Japanese Melee players before Brawl (2001-2008) | "Demigods" 6th -13th

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Eh Yo, CaptainJack! Hey everyone, this is CaptainJack (@CaptainJackSSB4) here! 

Today, I'm happy to introduce "Top 40 Japanese Melee players before Brawl (2001-2008)". I classified 40 players in 5 tiers, such as  "1st-5th (Gods)", "6th-13th (Demigods)", "14th-20th (Kings)", "21st-30th (Dukes)" and "31st-40th (Warriors)" respectively. This is the 2nd article, "6th-13th (Demigods)" part of this series.

So, let's go! 


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Top 40 Japanese Melee players before Brawl (2001-2008) | "Demigods" 6th - 13th

I'm going to introduce players ranked in 6th - 13th, in an alphabetic order. Please note that the order in each tier is just alphabetic and doesn't have any meanings. And please understand if comments on certain players are relatively shorter, it is because I haven't played them much in tournaments nor in friendlies because of different regions, timing of tournament participation etc.




Picture with Toph and CaptainJack in 2016 (top), with Rain in around 2007? (bottom)


Japan SSBMRank 2016: 43rd
Notable placings: 1st Fighing Road in Tokyo (Nintendo official tournament in 2002)

Character: Marth -> Peach
Region: Ibaraki -> Tokyo (East Japan) 
Twitter: @abusmabura


Abu was/is a Peach and Marth main. As he was active for a very short period, since the release of Melee to before 2003, I think almost no one knows of him especially overseas. However, Masashi and I personally played with him in friendlies, and I believe he was decent to be ranked here. Together with his friend Korius, he was considered to be one of the two best Marths in Japan. He was not a M2K type but a Mango type, which means he was good just because of talent and wasn't good at analysis or thinking things through at all. 

He was in a retirement for a long time, more than 13 years, but is trying to make a comeback recently and he's attending Battle GateWay in Tokyo these days. Actually this activeness was a huge factor to put him in this rank, when I was wondering who would be here between 9B, JiNG or him. (Top 40 notable Japanese Melee players before Brawl (2001-2008) | "Kings" 14th -20th)

He and I get along with very well outside Smash too. Even though we didn't have many opportunities to play with because of our distance and his short career, we met again in around 2009 and started to hang out together as friends outside Smash.

He owns a host club in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, and Korius, Shino, and CaptainJack is/was working with him. He is an example of a successful person in real life in the Japanese Smash community.

According to Japan SSBMRank 2016, which was published by aMSa and Zetsuo on February 4th 2017, he is ranked in 43rd. From these results, I think he could be compered with The Moon.





Picture taken at Jack Garden Tournament in August  2005 (top), With Masashi, Aniki, and his brother DISK (bottom)


Notable placings: 2nd Jack Garden Tournament, 17th OC3 (SmashWiki)
Character: Falco
Region: Kanagawa (East Japan) 


Bombsoldier, was an internationally popular Falco main. Although his recorded tournament participations were only twice or so, his performance against Ken in the GFs of Jack Garden Tournament suddenly made him a hero in the world Smash community. 

His Falco seemed be a huge shock for foreigners who never saw him at that time, because his Falco was fast, much faster than any other Falcos.

However, even though I'm sometimes asked what he is actually doing, my answer is well, I don't know... He must be doing well enough to answer my messages on Skype sometimes, but no one of the community knows what he is doing every day. He was, and still is, a mysterious guy. You can watch his great showing and interview at Jack Garden Tournament from the links below. Don't miss them all! 

Overall, from his results, I'd like to compere him with Westballz.



Brown Mario

Picture taken in Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3 in 2003. Red Mario (right), Brown Mario (left)


Notable placings: 11th Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3 
Character: Mario
Region: Shiga (West Japan)
Twitter:  N/A


Brown Mario was a Mario main in Shiga, West Japan. As I wrote about him in another article, in my opinion, he once could be considered as a member of "The Japanese Four Gods", before Mikael's raise. 

I think most of you have heard of him only by rumor. As someone who played with him a lot of friendlies, he was simply great. Even though his main was Mario, which is now considered as a "low-tier" character, he terrified god rank players such as Masashi and me, as they all lived close in West Japan, and met often in smash festa in IKKI's house.

Since we played especially on FD or Dreamland, Mario's chain grab against Sheik or Fox was huge. Sheik was an especially good target for it. Mario can chain-grab her and kill by F-smash at the end. Mario's grab was something like IC's grab without wobbles (not super easy to kill from one grab, but doable). 

As many other great players, he was good at secondary characters. I don't remember concretely which characters he was good at anymore, but I remember the moment he destroyed my Sheik with his C. Falcon at IKKI's house. Even if that was in friendlies, I was shocked to be bodied. So I was really happy when I won against him in an iron man match with all 26 characters in Mikael's house in Yokohama.

Despite his extraordinary talent for Smash Bros, his competitive Smash career didn't last a long time. He switched to play another game, 東方萃夢想 (Immaterial and Missing Power - Wikipedia), and he's the undisputed #1 from what I heard. 


Before Mikael reached to top-level, in my opinion, Brown Mario, Mario player, was one of the members of "The Four Gods". However, it might be arguable because he only took 11th place at the famed Japan United Smash Festa Round Robin 3, where CaptainJack placed 1st, Masashi 2nd, Mikael 3rd and Rain 4th respectively. Although, I think East Japan smashers such as me and Masashi, and other players were sure and certain he could be a God before Mikael's rise, because we used to play a lot of friendlies regularly and felt he was clearly distinguished from other players.

("The Japanese Four Gods")


I'd like to compare him with someone, but I have no top players of Mario in my head.





Picture from Umebura 4.5 (top with an international player, bottom with Brood and aMSa)


Notable placings: 1st Battle GateWay 1, 1st in every 4 Project M tournaments held in Japan such as Umebura 4, 4.5 and NINJA4 (SmashWiki) 

Character: Falco, Sheik, Mewtwo
Region: Saitama (West Japan)


Kaito was a Falco main. After the retirement of top players in East Japan in around 2007-2008, such as Mikael and Rain, he became the #1 player in the region. Unfortunately, there was no tournament series in or around Tokyo when he was active, so he has no decent tournament records. I tried to contact to him for this article, and he told me what the era where he was active was like at that time. 

He had Sheik as a secondary, and he also played Mewtow. He because more famous when two videos were uploaded, where he beat Bombsoldier's Falco with Mewtwo. (スVideo 1, 2. Login required). He also beat aMSa in Battle Gate Way in 2013 (video available below). 

At the old era where donations were uncommon, he sometimes got donations from players who wanted him to come to their places. He was also a good advisor, really good at grow other players. He is a father of Gucci in a way, and several top players such as aMSa, Flash, and Mr. II highly evaluated his advice on Smash tactics and strategy. 

Although he doesn't have much tournament history for Melee, he won every 4 Project M tournament held in Japan. Those results were crucial to make him in this rank, to prove his power during the time there were no tournament in Tokyo. Anyway, from these results, I think he could be compered with PC Chris.

He told me also, that he still gets along with Bombsoldier and Disk (they are brothers) well even now, and they hang out together sometimes even outside smash.


やしゃ (Yasha) is Kaito in those videos.




Picture from Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3 in 2003 (above), anywhere in around 2007 (below)


Japan SSBMRank 2016: 41st
Notable placings: 9th Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3, 9th Jack Garden Tournament, 9th BGW 11, 13th BGW 14 (SmashWiki)

Character: Marth, Jigglypuff
Region: Saitama -> Tokyo (East Japan) 
Twitter: @korikori_korius


Korius was a Marth and Jigglypuff main. He was considered as #1 Marth in Japan in around 2003. People said his play style was somehow elegant, and it went well with the image of White Marth, which was his favorite color.  

His good friend Abu was also a Marth main and was close to him, but Korius had kind of an advantage because of his competitive tournament appearances, such as 9th places borh in Japan United Smash Festa Round-Robin 3 and Jack Garden Tournament. For some reason, both Korius and Abu were quite bad against Aniki and Smasher, the Link players.

He was in retirement for around 12 years, but he recently made a comeback at Battle GateWay in Tokyo. He mained Marth, but now he decided to switch his main to Jigglypuff, which was his secondary. He just started taking part in BGW, but he's already getting 9th and 13th places constantly in Singles, and he beat aMSa's team in Doubles with Abu.

According to Japan SSBMRank 2016 which was published by aMSa and Zetsuo on February 4th 2017, he is ranked in 41st. From his results, I think he could be compered with PewPewU.





Picture with Michael (top), picture taken in a tournament (bottom)


Notable placings: 5th Ketsubato 1, 7th Ketsubato 2
Character: C. Falcon
Region: West Japan
Twitter: N/A


Machdash was a C. Falcon main. He lived in West Japan and regularly participated in tournaments in West Japan, such as Ketsubato series.

He had quite a great Falcon, to the point he beat me, CaptainJack, at Ketsubato a couple of times, but he had a huge week point: he didn't edgeguard by grabbing the sweet spot. Every time when the opponent tries to come back, he waited grabbing the edge, and tried to punish by back air or down air, instead of just rolling on the stage. That was his mysterious policy, but he insisted to do so to the end. From another side of view, it was impressive that he was highly evaluated despite this crucial handicap.  

This is an aside, but according to Leeor (@LeeorV), my Israeli friend, his name "Mach Dash" is very similar to "Ma Hadsash", which means "how are you?" in Hebrew. "I still remember how much I lolled at finding out that Mach Dash was pronounced 'Ma Hadsash'", he stated.

Once Toph made a donation for him, and Kounotori and I supported him to travel to the US. However, for some reasons, the plan was not realized. It was a huge depression that he retired before competing in the US tournaments.

Anyway, from his results, I'd like to compere him with S2J, Wizzrobe, or n0ne.




Pictures from Ketsubato 2 in 2007


Notable placings: 9th Ketsubato 1, 6th Ketsubato 2, 5th OC2 (SmashWiki)
Character: Sheik
Region: Tokyo (East Japan) 
Twitter: @shu_nake


Shu was a Sheik main. Unlike Masashi or CaptainJack, he was an intelligent player. He was good at analyzing, thinking to win.

Unfortunately, there were no tournaments in around 2007 in Tokyo where he lived/lives, so he traveled to West Japan to attend Ketsubato series sometimes. His results were 9th and 6th, but this was a little tricky. If the points that he won were divided by the times he participated, he surpassed that of Masashi or CaptainJack, who placed 1st and 2nd at Ketsubato series respectively. Even though he came to compete 4 times, exactly half of them, this fact is worth being noted.

Of course he is the same Shu who is active in Smash 4 nowadays. He is a veteran since Melee and Brawl, together with Rain. From this result, I'd like to compere him with Plup. He was a definitely scary, dangerous foe for other top players. 




TANI (right), Mach Dash (middle), Souten (left)


Picture taken near his house in Hyogo, in 2014



Notable placings: 1st Ketsubato DX 0th, 7th Ketsubato 1, 3rd Ketsubato 2 (SmashWiki)
Character: Marth
Region: Hyogo (West Japan) 
Twitter: @tanimemossb


TANI was a Marth player. Luckily, I was at the same place when he appeared in a tournament for the first time. Since then, he and I became good friends. He was just a newcomer and couldn't win against me even one time, but he rapidly improved since then. A few times later, we played in friendlies and he won against me at 45%. That was totally amazing for someone who just debuted in a competitive Smash.

As a factor about him that everyone know, he was definitely an intelligent person with high IQ. He analyzed Smash meta game by himself in the way no one could understand by using mathematic knowledge. As a result, he made his road to be considered as one of the Japanese Four Gods at one point, after Mikael's retirement. 

From his results, analysis and brain-oriented play style, I'd like to compere him with M2K


After Mikael's retirement... or disappearance, TANI replaced his position and started to be considered as one of the best players in Japan. He played Marth and his databased play style was really effective. He was not a good player in the beginning, but showed an amazing rise to make it to The Four Gods in the end.

("The Japanese Four Gods")


He retired from Melee and played Smash 4, but he quit Smash 4 too. It is very unfortunate for Japanese Smash community, but we do not even know if he returns someday. He was such an important talent for Japan.



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